Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Belgium - 5 foods I want to try

In August i'm planning a trip to Belgium, I plan to visit Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges.
I plan to do a few canal cruises and the normal tourist photography but I also have a list of foods I want to try. Chocolate is mentioned but there's more to Belgium and chocolate than just the little solid pieces.

1. Kriek
(imagine taken from Wikipedia)
Kriek is a cherry or raspberry beer. Belgium is legendary for it's beer and while i'm not usually interested in beer I love cherries and really want to try Kriek. 

2. Moules Frites
(imagine taken from Wikipedia)
Mussels are amazing and I can't wait to try the Belgian way of cooking them.

3. Pommes Frites (fries)
This links with the one above apparently the Belgian way to eat fries is with mayonnaise. Its a combination i've tried before, since it's really not unheard of anywhere you can get fries, but it's all about the authenticity.

4. Belgian chocolate ice-cream/gelato
(imagine from Visit Antwerp site)
I really want to try proper locally made Belgian chocolate gelato. The image I've used is from a Visit Antwerp blog post about a Gelato shop, I will be making it my mission to find this shop and try everything that looks good. Gelato Factory, i'm coming for you.

5. Belgian waffles
(Image from Wikipedia)
I know this is fairly predictable but as a chocolate waffle lover i'm really looking forward to trying authentic waffles and seeing different flavours and varieties.

Those are the five foods i'm most looking forward to trying in Belgium but i'm very open to suggestions (both on food and activities).

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