Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Belgium - 5 foods I want to try

In August i'm planning a trip to Belgium, I plan to visit Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges.
I plan to do a few canal cruises and the normal tourist photography but I also have a list of foods I want to try. Chocolate is mentioned but there's more to Belgium and chocolate than just the little solid pieces.

1. Kriek
(imagine taken from Wikipedia)
Kriek is a cherry or raspberry beer. Belgium is legendary for it's beer and while i'm not usually interested in beer I love cherries and really want to try Kriek. 

2. Moules Frites
(imagine taken from Wikipedia)
Mussels are amazing and I can't wait to try the Belgian way of cooking them.

3. Pommes Frites (fries)
This links with the one above apparently the Belgian way to eat fries is with mayonnaise. Its a combination i've tried before, since it's really not unheard of anywhere you can get fries, but it's all about the authenticity.

4. Belgian chocolate ice-cream/gelato
(imagine from Visit Antwerp site)
I really want to try proper locally made Belgian chocolate gelato. The image I've used is from a Visit Antwerp blog post about a Gelato shop, I will be making it my mission to find this shop and try everything that looks good. Gelato Factory, i'm coming for you.

5. Belgian waffles
(Image from Wikipedia)
I know this is fairly predictable but as a chocolate waffle lover i'm really looking forward to trying authentic waffles and seeing different flavours and varieties.

Those are the five foods i'm most looking forward to trying in Belgium but i'm very open to suggestions (both on food and activities).

England - My top 5 things to do

Being English and having never lived anywhere else I tend to write off England as boring, as I'm sure many of us write off our own countries, but really we've got quite a lot to offer.
Here is my top 5 things to do in England as a guide (mostly for incoming visitors) but also for domestic tourists looking for ideas for a day out or weekend away.

1. The Thermae Bath spa
(Credit Thermae Bath spa, since you're not allowed cameras up there)

I feel like a lot of us forget about Bath but the views from the roof top pool are pretty stunning. On one side you have the church and the country side, on the other traditional buildings. It's a great way to spend the morning before getting lunch, at the Thermae spa's restaurant or elsewhere.
Though, of course, the roof top pool isn't the only facility your entrance fee gets you into. There is an indoor pool and my personal favorite the four Aroma Steamrooms, each with a different scent. Two are beautiful and perfume like, another smells of eucalyptus-mint, great for clearer breathing, and the fourth is (in my opinion) a little weird but most people enjoy it.

2. The Twinings shops and museum, London
(Imagine credit, Twinings website)

Everyone, when asked, whats the first thing they associate with the English is tea. Why not embrace the stereotype and try the height of tea drinking in a 300 year old tea room?

3. The Crooked House Tea Room, Windsor
(Google maps and a little of my editing, we've all had a photograph ruined by rain)

If you want tea but fancy pairing it with food then Crooked- House in Windsor (a few steps away from the castle) is perfect for an Afternoon tea. They have just the right amount of tea choices and lots of different sandwich and drink options as well as jacket potatoes and savory pies. Perfect if you're in the area, just shopping or seeings the castle. 

4. Brightons seafront
(Brighton Pier, my image)
(Brighton seafront, my image)

(Brighton Pier, my image)

Now I know the picture I used just shows a few of the rides on the pier, theres also two great indoor arcades, but really one of the best things about the Pier is the junk food. American hot dogs, burgers, nachos and every flavor of milkshake as well as good old fashion fish and chips you can take down onto the beach (try going at sunset or in the evening and summer, it's brilliant).

5. Cheddar Gorge Cheese, Somerset

I know this one might sound odd but a cheese tour and tasting is a great indoor activity. Watch how the cheese is made before you try some then visit the gift shop. It could just be the fact it's lunch time talking but this sound like a great afternoon to me. Why not try Chilli cheddar or buy some locally made Stilton?

Thats my top five things to do in England but for some other ideas for places to visit try Portsmouth Quays shopping center for discount designer goods and great food or Londons Southbank (right by the London eye) for great waffles and a lovely Christmas market.

An introduction

Welcome to my new blog. If you're reading this you've either found it very early in it's development or you've gone very far back through my old posts, either way - welcome.
I'm Louisa, a travel and tourism student in England who has a great passion for travel and new places. I don't think i'm the only one who enjoying planning trips and research just as much as the actual travel. I love the excitement of finding interesting things I can do when travelling.

(The Trevi Fountain, Rome)

I'd like to add a few notes to this post (these notes will also be in a tab at the top of my blog).

Firstly unless otherwise stated all pictures I use are my own. Unfortunately, especially during the planning stages of travel I won't have my own pictures so I'll be using other peoples.
I will always state a source for images I use (I be using mostly official tourist board images if I do not have my own). If however I use your image and you wish me to remove it then please just comment on the post and I will change it, also if I use your image and post an incorrect source please tell me the correct one so I can change it. 

Secondly I might occasionally use quotes or ideas from other peoples work, for example an activity idea from a bucket-list, I will always list a source for ideas that are not my own.

(Florence, Italy)

Boring parts over. I hope you enjoy my blog.